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Originally Posted by diep View Post

I noticed it a lot already. Bugs in the apple calculator at my macbookpro. I have os/x 10.4.11

First how it goes correct. I type in manual by mouse:

10 Y^X 1.24 = 17.....

Now when it goes wrong. I give in 2048^2 * 42 then take log of that,
divided by 2048^2 and the log of that. This gives 1.245....

I store that with M+

Then i give in by hand 10 Y^X MR = 101

I give C to clear screen. Give in 10. to the power MR (1.245...) again 101 as answer.

Maybe not calculate your mortgage with apple sirs!

first of all what type of log I can't figure it out.
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