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Originally Posted by Mini-Geek View Post
I think NPLB should be moved to Prime Search Projects subforum ( Open Projects is supposed to be for things that are short, simple problems that will take at most a few months, (src: not indefinitely long prime searches, such as this. Also, it would make it much more visible, which would help grow NPLB.
How do we get it moved?
Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
Gary mentioned to me in a PM that he's already sent in the request to Xyzzy to have it moved. (I'm assuming that he doesn't mind my mentioning it on the forum. )

Oh blast it! You aren't supposed to be telling people stuff like this. Check with me first next time please. It was supposed to be a surprise.


Yes, earlier today I requested that it be moved. I suspect that it might turn into just a teensy bit bigger than a small temporary project!


P.S. I wish I could have done that in person to someone in that situation; for a minute or two anyway.
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