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Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
Thanks Gary, my quad-core tests a number in less than 6200 sec. Core 0 to 2 between 6000-6100 sec, core 3 between 6100-6200 sec....With FFT length at 192K the forth core just can't handle the same speed due to cache limitations...

Amazing machines Carlos! If I know you well enough, you'll figure out a way to increase the cache so that you get full speed out of all 4 cores!

Originally Posted by Jean Penné View Post
Good work, Gary!

About k = 18534, only 16 exponents are remaining on my test file, so I will complete this work probably before the end of this month (and very likely with no prime found...). I don't know if a sieve file exists for exponents larger than my limit (2,000,000 base two) ; if yes, it will be the time to split it as you did for k = 64494, if no, there will be an important sieve work to do...


Nope, no sieving above n>1M base 4 that I know of. So much sieving on different things is needed! We'll see what we can do.

If you guys haven't seen it, there's some good-sized testing needed now on drive #1 - Sierp base 16. Ranges from n=100K-120K have been posted.


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