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Default Time to start a mini-drive here...

We are starting a mini-drive for one of the final 4 remaining k's for Sierp base 4...k=64494 using Tcadigan's sieved file that he left us. The range is n=885K-1M base 4.

I have divided it up in to appropriate-sized files, n=5K at a time. There are 964 total candidates remaining in 23 files, which means an avg. of 42 candidates/file.

On a 3.2 Ghz P4, testing time is about 9600 secs./test. Tcadigan quoted 7000 secs./test on a 2.8 Ghz Core 2 quad. On the P4, that's an avg. of 4.7 CPU days/file. On the C2Q, avg. would be 3.4 CPU days/file. Feel free to take what you can do in a reasonable time frame.

Please post all reservations, status, and primes (oh, please a prime!) here.

Any prime should be reported under both the Sierp base 4 project and CRUS; half-credit each.

I have reserved and am testing the first piece of the file from n=885K-890K and am at about n=888K now.

n-range     tested by      Status       
925K-1000K  LLRnet (IB4)   complete
920K-925K   Anonymous      complete
890K-920K   em99010pepe    complete
885K-890K   gd_barnes      complete
Files for LLRing:
The mini-drive is now complete. Thanks to all who contributed!

As for results files, feel free to wait until you're done with this effort before posting them.

Let's take down a MEGAbit prime!!


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