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Originally Posted by tcadigan View Post
I too tried it out for a couple runs on my new computer just to see the difference, I get ~7000 seconds on 2.8 C2Q

the crediting sounds fine to me. I just really want a prime to be found

as for the breaking up the file...I would lean towards it if it isn't too much effort to create them. since the tests take so long I doubt there will be vast amounts of interest in them (if any) and maintenance shouldn't be all that high, and like you said it fills a good purpose for temp idle comps.
OK, I may do that. It may just be you and me trudging slowly forward but that's fine.

Quick question...How far was the file sieved? It shows P=1G in the file but I know it's much further than that. Just thought I'd check to make sure we're sieved far enough before creating files for a mini-drive.

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