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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
To all,
What I'd like to do is divvy up the file by small n-ranges in a mini and unofficial team drive. Would anyone have interest in helping with that?

FYI, this is technically part of the Sierp base 4 project but we are coordinating it here. If we find a prime for it, I would suggest reporting it under both projects so that both get half credit. Jean or Tcadigan, does that sound reasonable? At some point in the future, we'll probably also provide some sieving help for Jene Penne's three Sierp base 4 k's after he's done LLRing them to n=2M base 2.
I too tried it out for a couple runs on my new computer just to see the difference, I get ~7000 seconds on 2.8 C2Q

the crediting sounds fine to me. I just really want a prime to be found

as for the breaking up the file...I would lean towards it if it isn't too much effort to create them. since the tests take so long I doubt there will be vast amounts of interest in them (if any) and maintenance shouldn't be all that high, and like you said it fills a good purpose for temp idle comps.
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