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Default mini-drive for high-n testing on Sierp base 4

To all,

About a month ago, Tcadigan released his Sierp base 4 k=64494 and provided us with a sieved file. He had tested it to n=885253 base 4 (n=1770506 base 2) and the file goes up to n=1M. Just for grins, last night, I put it on one of my 3.2 Ghz P4's. It completed 3 tests overnight although I haven't checked it today yet. I was getting about 9500 secs. per test but those of you with a 2+ Ghz duo should get faster.

I don't want to officially reserve it but will test it here and there as fill-in work on 1 or 2 of my machines. Anyone is free to take it off of my hands at any point.

What I'd like to do is divvy up the file by small n-ranges in a mini and unofficial team drive. Would anyone have interest in helping with that?

FYI, this is technically part of the Sierp base 4 project but we are coordinating it here. If we find a prime for it, I would suggest reporting it under both projects so that both get half credit. Jean or Tcadigan, does that sound reasonable? At some point in the future, we'll probably also provide some sieving help for Jene Penne's three Sierp base 4 k's after he's done LLRing them to n=2M base 2.

Edit: We have now started a mini-drive for this. See the 5th post of this thread below.


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