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You can always do stage 1 in smaller pieces. I.e. go to B1=5e10 and save, resume that and to to B1=1e11 and save, resume that, etc...

There might be an interim save feature for stage 2 some day, but the working data set is very large. Then again, the -treefile option saves most of that intermediate data already, so saving the rest at periodic intervals (say, after each block) shouldn't be too much worse. As a workaround, you can do stage 2 in steps as well, using the B2min-B2max options, i.e.

ecm -resume savefile.1e10 1e10 1e10-1e14
ecm -resume savefile.1e10 1e10 1e14-2e14
ecm -resume savefile.1e10 1e10 2e14-3e14

adding the (currently broken, sorry!) -maxmem or (functioning, yay!) -k parameters as necessary to get the polynomial degree and hence memory use you want.

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