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Hi Jason.

Unfortunately mprime uses the IDENTICAL assembly code that prime95 does, just linked in. The C code around it is for menus and to set up the data and call the fast part. Sorry it would be a mammoth task to rewrite the core code, and not worth it because of the very slow speed on PSP (due to lack of cache etc) where you would also have to re-optimise it for that architecture.

However there are some other trial FACTORING programs written entirely in C that might usefully be compiled for the PSP, even if they would run slowly. There may also be limits on the size of the floating point registers (if any).

I have to add that in order to run arbitrary binaries you are likely to have re-flashed your firmware or be using a very old one? I think that voids your warranty and means you can't get Sony's latest features on the PSP.

I think your earlier idea of getting a PS3 to compile with/run on is preferrable since it would not void the console as a games machine, and also Sony officially sanction running linux on it, and also the machine has more processing power (although maybe not enough for stunning performance).

If I were you I'd think about one of the nextgen gpus that are programmable and try that. The nvidia ones out later this year are claimed that they will support full 64 bit floating point math, which is what all of us here want ;-)

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