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Originally Posted by pontiff View Post
I'll gladly do that if you'd tell me how :)
Download the Windows version

Fastest Windows Version (with Proofs)

Then run the first 300000 itterations with gpuOwl for the exponent 77936867 at the Windows command Line.

Type cmd in the windows search field and switch to the gpuOwl directory with cd path f.e. cd C:\Users\username\gpuowl-v6.11-364-g36f4e2a.
Execute the binary at the command line with gpuowl-win -iters 300000 -prp 77936867

or you use the Linux binary version (needs further installation effort, read: How to set up for running gpuOwl under Ubuntu (and other Linux) with OpenCL

Linux binary version Ubuntu 18.04

gpuowl -iters 300000 -prp 77936867

post the result from the gpuowl.log file in this thread

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