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Originally Posted by pontiff View Post
Which one would be better for prime numbers hunt? I already have the GTX 1660 video card that I mentioned and I wonder if it's worth building a new rig with the latest and fastest CPU? Or the GPU computing with the hardware that I already have is superior to any new CPU? Thank you.
Welcome. GTX 1660 is excellent at TF, far faster than CPUs for the dollar invested or per kilowatt-hour.
CPUs and AMD GPUs are better at other forms of GIMPS computation typically. Radeon VII are CPU beaters on both price/performance and results/watt-hour. Radeon 6xxx are supposedly pretty good too.
There's also cloud computing, some of which is free, so hard to beat on price/performance.
So, it depends what you want to run, and how much. Try some out and see what you enjoy most or least.
See the reference info for lots more background info.
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