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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
As I noted in my earlier e-mail, see the "Get exponents from Primenet" section of the README - it's linked in the Index at top of the page; please read it carefully, as it's your first go.

You'll need to copy the script from your /src dir to whatever dir(s) you are planning to run instances from - for Apple M1, just a single instance using 1-8 threads (depending on how much you want to stress your CPU & cooling) seems a good compromise between throughput and ease-of-use.
I probably did not express my request very clearly. I was hoping to update my Account Assignments Details which at present only show that my assignment was assigned on 2021-06-16 and that the last update was the same day. I have tried running but it has not updated my progress on the exponent, or given the the estimated finish time.
Can this be done with
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