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Originally Posted by pepi37 View Post
Rogue as we write in PM, you must fix srsieve2 to go upper then 2^52 because this limit is low. What user have from the fact srsieve2 is faster then sr1sieve if upper limit is low (2^52)

Maybe you should fix this first
When not using Legendre tables, srsieve2 appears to be faster than sr2sieve for most sequences, Based upon testing I have done sr1sieve is much faster than srsieve2, but that is expected.

I agree that getting srsieve2 to support p > 2^52 is important. Although the code changes are not too difficult, if I want to maximize speed for p < 2^52 and p > 2^52 it becomes more of a challenge. At this time I might need to have two different builds. I would like to avoid that.

For now you will have to survive using sr2sieve for p > 2^52.

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