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Originally Posted by Brian-E View Post
What you write is pretty self-evident, I think. Errors of this sort do not by any means always have anything to do with any racism.

I've just watched the video myself. What strikes me is how well Samuel L. Jackson handled this crass blunder by his interviewer. He certainly doesn't let it go lightly, but then it isn't really something to be taken lightly, is it? Mistaken identity in this setting is extremely unusual, bizarre actually. Yet Jackson handles it with good humour, giving his extraordinarily ill-prepared interviewer some useful advice. If I had been Jackson I think I might have just removed my microphone and walked off.
Yeah, I saw a picture of the other actor a few minutes ago, and the other guy is a lot lighter brown, so my facial recognition problem wouldn't have caused this particular mistake.

Looking back, I think it's more about me being unhappy about how people in the black community treat me when I mistake them for someone else.
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