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Default Just because it looks like it MIGHT be racism doesn't mean it is

Maybe I'll get flamed for posting this, but this royally pisses me off. I know slavery was a horrible, horrible thing, and the 60s was a lousy time to be black. But, that doesn't mean every time something might be racist that it should be automatically assumed it is.

I suffer from something which is close to, but not quite, full facial blindless. Basically, I have a horrendous time telling similar people apart. If I meet someone out in public and they don't give me a hint, there's a good chance I'll have no idea who they are. People get offended by this, but honestly, I'm simply, and I mean this literally, retarded when it comes to recognizing people.

I've been this way all my life, but recently there's been some stuff I've been seeing online where black people get a wild hair up their butt because of something that only appears to be racism. I'm sure Samuel Jackson has made some great movies, but after you correct the mistaken identity error committed by the white dude, move the fuck on. He abused the guy for a really long time, I didn't even watch the whole video.

Racism is bad, I get it, but reversing the direction it's aimed doesn't solve anything. Pretty soon you're going to be getting backlash to the backlash. So, for the sake of racial relations, shut the fuck up and accept that sometimes people will say and do stupid stuff.

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