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I have now completing sieving missing k=157473 to P=6T.

Files for n=100K-150K and for n=150K-400K have been sent to Anon. The k will be merged in with the already completed sieved file for n=100K-150K for all other k's.

Anon, I have included instructions on exactly how to handle these files in the Email that I sent you.

I am continuing sieving k=157473 to P=8.2T. ETA is ~early Tues.

Anon will post a big sieved file for FUTURE reservations (i.e. reservations for P>8200G) for n=150K-400K that will include k=157473. After I finish that missing k to P=8.2T and we all finish our reservations for other k's to P=8.2T, all k's then will have all of their sieving caught up.

After finishing k=157473 to P=8.2T, I will continue with my regular reservation for all k's of P=6.6T-7T.


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