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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
HEY!! No stealing my searchers back that I stole from you in the first place!!

My answer to this is, it's time to have an LLRnet rally at NPLB! We had them every 2 weeks 3 straight times in Feb. and early March but had to stop them for a little while to allow Karsten to catch his breath.

Seriously, what weekend are you planning one? We'd certainly want to coordinate and make sure we don't do them the same weekend. I'd like to suggest one at NPLB in 2 weeks; the weekend of April 18th.

Unfortunately, the weekend of April 18th won't work at all for me. I'm going on vacation on the 17th and coming back late on the 19th--and I really don't want to miss another rally. (I'd rather have my machine doing manual work while I'm away, rather than LLRnet, in case the internet goes down, since I won't be there to notice if it does.)

The weekends of the 11th and 25th would work fine for me, however.


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