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I just downloaded the status file (I use the mirror you get redirected to at to see what happened with the exponent you mentioned in your post (M14844547). The relevant line is
14844547 D   66               1.4  49.6  86.6                   16-Jan-06 07:48  .              C368F6397
The dot indicates that the exponent is assigned to the default account, which can happen when something goes wrong (like the server hanging while you were communicating; just guessing). You could try communicating with the server with your mprime client like moo says.

What I think happened was that the primenet server could not verify your old UserID/UserPWD when you set up the new client, so it assigned you a new ID and password. The old account has probably not been touched at all, so it behaves like a separate account. I think you just can change the UserID/UserPWD in one client to that of the other, and then the accounts will be merged next time you communicate. Otherwise you can email George Woltman and he can do the merge manually.

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