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Originally Posted by rebirther View Post
With -W16 around 20h if its working.
So...16 threads/cores * 20 hours = 320 CPU hours.

I estimated 135 CPU hours running srsieve with multiple instances. That's with an old (but very reliable) version of srsieve.

Consider the following when sieving in the future:

Split up the k's remaining into 8, 10, 12, or 16 pieces depending on the # of cores/threads you want to use. That's more efficient than splitting up P-ranges while running multiple cores on all k's. Sieve them all at the same time with separate instances of srsieve (or try it with srsieve2). Then use srfile to combine all of the files at the end. I'm pretty sure you'll save CPU time that way.

Of course that defeats the purpose of having a multi-threaded program, which is its ease of use. But if its using that much more CPU time then you might consider the extra personal time worth it.

My sieving machine is not real fast and not over-clocked. It's an AMD Ryzen 16 core/32 thread running at 3.2 Ghz.
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