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Thanks for the explanations, slowly I start to get more about what is going on. Interesting, that fundmental things like poly selection or q-range are so little understood that it makes an experimental attempt useful. From the little I could get from math papers, especially poly selection could probably be vastly optimized if we knew more about it.

If you are interested in seeing the effect of the extra relations, zcat all your 220M relations out to a single file, and run msieve's filtering on the file to see what size matrix comes out. Then, restrict the number of relations msieve uses (via a filtering flag, see the -h option list for msieve) to 215, 210, 205 and let us know what size matrices pop out. I suggest a TD of 100 or so for msieve, but you might enjoy trying 100/110/120 on the full dataset to see how target_density affects matrix size.
So to just see the effect of fewer relations I'll set TD = 100?

And just to make 100% sure: more relations = faster matrix generation & higher matrix density = smaller matrix size = shorter LA times (not the newspaper, harhar)?
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