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Well, no- in this case, that's the *benefit*, not the problem. If my compiler is vastly faster than yours, these benchmarks can show you that maybe you could try compiling yourself / with my compiler to get more speed.

We aren't benchmarking to compare hardware nearly as much as we're trying to share info on how to make msieve run faster.

We'd much rather compare various compilations of msieve than have one standardized binary that might not be fastest just for the sake of comparing hardware.

That said, there's a place for directly comparing hardware without software variations as you suggest; but in the context of this thread it's a secondary priority. There's just too many instructions available on some chips but not others- if we used a binary that runs on v2-era DDR3 Xeons, it would leave modern CPUS with more advanced instruction sets crippled compared to their potential speed. That's not a helpful comparison.
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