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If I may please share... Williams Lake somehow attracted some remarkably good teachers.

Mr. Beck taught us Physics. He had travelled throughout the middle east, and was Buddhist. Mr. Sheck taught us Mathematics. He could do calculus in his head, but still somehow tolerated teaching teenagers algebra. "Sheck and Beck"'s real joy was teaching Computer Science. Commodore PETs and VIC 20s. BASIC for some, 6502 for others.

And then there was Mr. Smith. English. Shakespeare.

I was very fortunate to have my mind exploded, at an early age, by such gifted influencers.
While in Djibouti near the end of my military term (FFL) late 80's, I enrolled and was accepted at UBC (EE, Math,CompSci). I met my (ex) wife there (who was my prof) and she was from Williams Lake. Her maiden name was MacMillen. Her dad was a school administrator.

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I just got home from 3 days playing cash games at the WSOP, and was excited (to say the least!) to see a poker thread on my favorite forum.

Do you play live poker? What game(s)?
I do play live and was in New Orleans during the WSOP tourneys there recently. Locally, I play FLH sporadically. In Vegas, I play mainly the cash games at Caesar's and when "just play'in around" I play minimum stakes at Bally's, both NLH. I can play all poker variations (I'm in a Badugi tournament today) though not well and Omaha and Razz can give me a headache. These gambling junkets are completely comp'ed..trip, stay, gourmet restaurants (Ramsay's) and entertainment (Absinthe).. etc. I will only say that blackjack is a good game to learn.

For the record, the live gaming is for entertainment only and are mini-vacations. Whatever we lose/lost would have been the cost of the trip anyway...and unlike many who boast of their wins, I have lost badly many times but lived to fight another day. Regarding online gaming, this is a researcher's (hacker's) paradise. AI, crypto-currencies and mining, profiling...are a few things of interest and they are all based on the application of many forms of mathematics all parsing to boolean logic.

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