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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
One thing that can help with the Uni's to make them overlook the F's, take Community College courses that either make up for the bad grades, or show that you are earnest. Many have programs that allow HS seniors to take some classes.
I'm already a bit familiar with taking general classes at a CC and transferring the credits; in Arkansas there's a special standard that mandates something along these lines: any college in the state system has to accept all of your transferred credits as long as the CC or other institution you got the hours at is a part of the standard. Our high school is partnered with the local CC to provide credits as a part of the standard, and the classes I didn't get F's in at ASMSA fulfilled a special agreement with the University of Arkansas.

However, I am making up the classes that I failed during this next year. What are you suggesting regarding the CC classes and my bad grades? To supplement my transcript?

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