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One thing that can help with the Uni's to make them overlook the F's, take Community College courses that either make up for the bad grades, or show that you are earnest. Many have programs that allow HS seniors to take some classes. Lots of CC's have summer and winter intersessions. If you still don't get in in the fall, double down on the CC's classes. Take a full load of general ed courses and starters in your major. You may wind up entering a Uni as a soph. I have heard of some folks taking GE courses in the summer session, in the fall, winter session, and spring (along with some courses in their major) and entering as a junior 1 year out of HS.

If it looks like it will be the CC as a starter, talk to a guidance counselor about which GE's are hard to get in the fall and take them in the summer.

Also, if you go to a CC, the units are cheaper and you can try out some areas of study. In addition to what wound up as my major, I took several CS and DP courses (which were different at this school and I didn't have the right grouping to get a degree in either [Fortran was a CS course and did not count toward DP, yet I dropped the BASIC class that I swapped into late*, that would have allowed me to get the DP degree {BASIC was too basic after the HS course and Fortran}]), an electronics course, a physics course, and some other random courses that fulfilled the GE requirements but were otherwise different (a laser optics math class to fulfill a math requirement.) I also took a 1 unit non-transfer class that helped me with something.

* I signed up for an "Early Education" course. Turned out it was for pre-school folks That was not what I thought it was. I dropped it and signed up for the BASIC course ASAP (to keep a full set of units). Then dropped before it would show on my record, but after I was locked in as full time.

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