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Originally Posted by garo View Post
David, what you are saying does not make any sense at all!
Fighting talk.
You have said before that you like to do LL testing on the smallest available exponent if possible.
Indeed. And so does almost any LL tester.
Why on earth would you prefer to be assigned a 60M with TF done to 72 bits than to 74 bits.
Well that is academic since all expos >60M are TFed to 73+ thanks to Chris and George's insane idea of WMSTM.
If I were offered two 60M exponents, one at 72 and the other at 74 I would say "Why the **** were these not both TFed to 73?"
The whole purpose of catching recycled exponents is to make sure nothing is assigned for LL testing without sufficient TF done.
Define sufficuent. If the bit level was deemed fit for a virgin, it should be fit for an old hag which has been round the block a few times.
Catching recycled exponents makes complete sense especially since most exponents end up expiring 2-3 times before they are eventually completed
It is throwing good money after bad. It will get LLed eventually, and TFing a 54M (I ask you) from 72 to 73 does not add to the LL assignment pool. The effort would be MUCH better spent taking a 66M expo to 73
. And it improves project throughput
thus bringing the next prime find closer than if we had followed your virgin exponent obsession!
Virgins for TFers. Us LLers prefer the more experienced candidate.
Shouting and insulting other people does not change this simple fact.
You haven't been PMing Chalsall again have you?

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