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want an example of what I mean ? too bad I'll give you one anyways lol.

for p=11 p=3 mod 8

for factors 7 mod 8

k=1,5,9,etc. (4n+1)

for 1 mod 8


since they can be 6n+1 or 6n-1

since 11= 5 mod 6

6n+1 k=0,3,6,9, (3x+0)
6n-1 k = 1,4,7 (3x+1)

if we say we need at least 1 factor of the same type mod 6 then we only have to check when 4n+1 or 4n match up with 3x+1 and we should find possible factors k= 1,13,etc. because 4n+1 meets 3x+1 every fourth value and every 3rd value greater than index =2 for 4n this limits it to at most if we can figure on thing out i could narrow it down to finding factors on one or the other k list for mod 8 but anyways.
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