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Originally Posted by Jwb52z
All you had to do was basically say to him that you agreed with him about the war as if a political statement.......well, I better stop before I get reported for an improper post.
I wrote some stuff and then deleted it(I hate being flamed or starting a flame war). Suffice it to say, I have opinions about the war that have nothing to do with public policy or oil or politics, and everything to do with my Christian morals. There are aspects of the war I like, and there are aspects of the war I hate, my opinion depends on what facet of the war I'm looking at.

It is very possible I totally agree with Mr. Phil(or whatever his last name) on the war and we simply have different ways of looking at it.

Honestly, though, if the claims he makes on his site are true, he should be selling 10,000,000 digit tests at $10 a pop, if you want my opinion. His method has something to do with triangles, you see "Phi", and maybe some other stuff a lot when you look at his math. I'm hoping to learn more, especially since his goal is to study primes rather than to simply brute force find them. Who knows, he may discover the formula that can generate an infinite number of primes.
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