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Originally Posted by Happy5214 View Post
After some testing, I've found that the PRP residues are denoted by "RES64", while the LLR residues are denoted by "LLR Res64", as displayed in the attached log. The console output is similar.
Are you saying that the client isn't finding the correct residue?

If you look at LLRProgram.cpp, it has this code to find the residue:

   while (!strstr(line, "probable prime") && !strstr(line, "is prime") && !strstr(line, "RES64") &&
          !strstr(line, "Res64") && !strstr(line, "Fermat PRP") &&
          !strstr(line, "composite") && !strstr(line, "small factor"))
It is possible that this needs to be adjusted.
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