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Originally Posted by Happy5214 View Post
How much work would it be to pass the program name and version to the client with the double-check, letting the client determine which program and parameters to use? I'd imagine it would have utility apart from this (e.g. ensuring PFGW results are checked with PFGW instead of LLR, avoiding a triple-check).
Right now it isn't the client's decision. Before this new release of llr, there were no issues in comparing residues between llr and pfgw of different versions of llr. Forcing the client to use one option or the other isn't trivial until the llr output has some indication that it is outputting the new residue instead of the old. If so then the client could communicate that to the server and the server could echo back to the client when double-checking. It probably isn't a huge amount of work, but isn't high on my priority list.

All I can suggest for now is that you add the command line option in the prpclient.ini file so that they are always compatible regardless of the version of llr. When you get to a point where you need to load a new server or add more candidates, remove the command line option.
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