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Originally Posted by tnerual View Post
can someone explain me how to start the llrnet application under kubuntu.

i can start it by opening a console and typing "./llrnet"

(double)clicking on it don't give anything ...

in fact if someone can explain me what i have to do to start it as a service ...
my mother computer is waiting for it !
When you double click on it, I think it just runs the application in the background (at least on GNOME it does; I don't know what it does on KDE). So, you may have more than one copy of LLRnet running from the same folder (not good). You might want to check whatever KDE has for a system monitor to see how many LLRnet processes you've got running.

As for how to start it as a service--using a method I picked up here on the forums, here's what you need to do:
-Make a text file in your LLRnet folder called "" that contains the following data:

./llrnet &
Save the file and close your text editor. Open up a command window, navigate to your LLRnet folder, and type the command "chmod +x".
-Type the command "crontab -e". (Make sure you run that command as whatever user you'd like to run LLRnet as.)
-You'll find yourself in a command-line text editor, probably nano. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the bottom of the file, and enter the following:
@reboot sh /path/to/llrnet/folder/
-Press Ctrl-X. Press the Y key, then press Enter. You will then be returned to the command prompt.
-You're all set! Repeat for each instance of LLRnet you want to run at bootup.

This should also work for any other Linux prime-crunching app, such as LLR, mprime, etc.

Disclaimer: I haven't tried this myself.

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