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Originally Posted by Wabbit98 View Post
How long will it be before I appear in the stats? I have already returned some work that is not prime.

You should appear in the stats after the next daily stats update happens. I'm not sure exactly what time of day the stats update is performed; I know David (a.k.a. IronBits) exports the data from his LLRnet servers at 7 AM Arizona time (GMT-7), but I'm not sure exactly when the stats server pulls it in and integrates it into the database.

At any rate, you should definitely show up in the stats sometime within the next 24 hours, probably less; if I had to take a guess I'd say somewhere between 10-12 hours.

Edit: Oh, I just realized, the stats link in the posts earlier in this thread was outdated. Our new stats site is at I've fixed the link in the FAQ list above.

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