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Originally Posted by charybdis View Post
I have access to a Xeon E5645 (also Nehalem) but I don't have admin rights and there isn't a compiler installed, so I had to compile on a newer system and test on the old one. I couldn't get r387 to work - when running factor() it always crashed when trying to find Brent special forms, although siqs() was fine - but r379 appears to be OK.

Looks like changes made to yafu since r379 might have broken some things for older systems?
It's possible, yes. It's getting harder to test on all possible system/compiler combinations as I check in new code. I just tested r388 (branch wip) on a linux system with a E5-2697 v3 chip built with NFS=1 USE_AVX2=1 USE_BMI2=1 and that seems to be working fine. I'll see if I can build for windows and test that.

Are you using visual studio or MSYS2/mingw64 for your builds (or something else)?
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