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It's been suggested to me that I share here my experience running Prime95 (v29.8 build 6) on an AMD Threadripper 3970X.

The post is quite long so instead of copy/pasting it here, let me give a link to Level1Techs forum where you will find all the details:

The conversation is also happening over at Hacker News, with some informative posts:

Hopefully you don't mind linking...

Thanks for the great work on Prime95: Over the past weeks I've been peeking at the code (being a C/C++ developer myself, but in the field of rendering) and I'm quite in awe at the level of optimization of this program.
Hi Franz! And the others too. :)

I've read carefully your issue. I've been dealing with the same exact trouble with a 3950X. I first tried it in an Aorus Master X570, and for the love of god I couldn't manage to get it Prime95's small ffts stable at stock settings. I tried many BIOS version, I tried different fan configurations, I tried different RAM modules. I couldn't.

Yesterday I decided to try a new board (X570 Taichi) and even when Prime95 seems to cope a little bit better with UEFI defaults, one worker crashes within the first minutes.

So this is clearly something related with not just a particular brand, rather a general power delivery issue extended to Ryzen boards. It's really a boomer because I love to get all my systems Prime95 stable, it just feels right to have that kind of stability. But can't see how we are going to get over this...
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