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As mentioned in March 2019 something has changed in P95 affinity handling between win64 version 29.4 and 29.6 and is carried up till latest build of 29.8.
I have two AVX-512 machines: i9-7900X and i7-7820X.
On i9 I've gave up using single P95 with two workers and setting affinity in local.txt (2x3 threads setting), instead I am setting only CoresPerTest=3 and launching two separate P95 instances using batch file
start "name" /affinity x prime95.exe
, effectively limiting each instance to chosen CPU cores. On this i9 CPU affinity was not working properly even with one worker (P95 was choosing different cores than indicated in affinity setting, and changing this during work).
On i7 affinity setting works and P95 sticks to preconfigured CPU cores - which makes me think: can it be related to the number of CPU cores present?
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