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Sorry I missed these messages, I strongly rely on MF emails (I get a kick out of "You will probably never see this message because it will end up in your spam folder.") and seem to have missed theses

Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
OK... Sweet. I love data!

However, one comment (read: change request): Your mfaktc delta should print the proof lines after the datestamp line. As it is currently, parsing the data from a log file it is a pain to get the timestamp correct.

The actual proof lines are great to RegEx through -- easy to parse. Thanks for that.
This is a work around for not having handled resume yet.
This weekend I'll change it so at default verbosity the best proof is printed directly after printing the statusline

Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
OK... I finally had some cycles to actually run your code (on a slow little 1050 also doing display work). An observation/question...

I see during the run that the different "proof" lines are generated during the run. However, the last proof isn't printed (perhaps it's not supposed to be). As an example (copied from the console where the job was run):
got assignment: exp=5500021 bit_min=65 bit_max=67 (4.08 GHz-days)
Starting trial factoring M5500021 from 2^65 to 2^66 (1.36 GHz-days)
 k_min =  3353940660840
 k_max =  6707881323983
Using GPU kernel "barrett76_mul32_gs"
Date    Time | class   Pct |   time     ETA | GHz-d/day    Sieve     Wait
May 11 18:14 |  260   5.7% |  0.408   6m09s |    299.71    82485    n.a.%
M5500021 proof(47281205372229406961): 33 difficulty 
May 11 18:15 |  548  12.1% |  0.401   5m38s |    304.94    82485    n.a.%
M5500021 proof(41186001143328300737): 34 difficulty 
May 11 18:15 |  923  20.2% |  0.406   5m11s |    301.18    82485    n.a.%
M5500021 proof(55435150410008224727): 37 difficulty 
May 11 18:21 | 4619 100.0% |  0.409   0m00s |    298.97    82485    n.a.%
no factor for M5500021 from 2^65 to 2^66 [mfaktc 0.21 barrett76_mul32_gs]
tf(): total time spent:  6m 32.519s
I chose this example because the Proof of Work is only generated for ~20% of the run.

Is this by design? Or is there a way to get a useful hash for the last part of the run?
This is by design, it prints the best proof as it discovers them, half of the time this is in the first 50% of the run, 1 in 5 times this is before 20%.
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