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Originally Posted by chalsall View Post
LOL. Not a bad idea!

In the official notice, the TF'ers and P-1'ers (etc.) are covered in the "et al" language. But it would be kinda cool getting an official document from GIMPS for being in direct assistance for the next MP found. Just don't fall into Knuth's situation with regards to cheques...

Also, a "bump" on this discussion. Do we have any code to the stage where it could be alpha tested on kit yet? We do have some places to test this...
Absolutely; The code is at and you can build it in the standard way.

If you use linux and cuda 10.1 I can provide a binary if you can't compile it yourself.

Everything should look like normal except the version is incremented and you should see proof lines in your results.txt

M66023333 proof_k(20475767038603731855001): 28 bits [TF:74:75:mfaktc 0.21 barrett76_mul32_gs]
M66023333 proof_k(33270468931786126541321): 27 bits [TF:74:75:mfaktc 0.21 barrett76_mul32_gs]
M66023333 proof_k(33150685168141475305463): 25 bits [TF:74:75:mfaktc 0.21 barrett76_mul32_gs]
M66023333 proof_k(28851305727414925240879): 24 bits [TF:74:75:mfaktc 0.21 barrett76_mul32_gs]
M66023333 proof_k(32228068860752704443631): 22 bits [TF:74:75:mfaktc 0.21 barrett76_mul32_gs]
M66023333 proof_k(23676960155764888060537): 20 bits [TF:74:75:mfaktc 0.21 barrett76_mul32_gs]
[Fri May  1 22:46:32 2020]
no factor for M66023333 from 2^74 to 2^75 [mfaktc 0.21 barrett76_mul32_gs]
It would actually be nice to build a worktodo.txt that uses many different kernals and verifies they all produce proof logs.

I'll provide a program to verify the proof logs this weekend; currently it's a combination of the check in #47 for small kernels (e.g. 75bit_mul32_gs) and for larger kernels
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