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Originally Posted by MJansen View Post
Hi Seth, just to make sure I fully understand this:

I agree with pushing the prime gaps to the repository, but maybe if a new person/collective starts adding prime gaps, a message goes out so those gaps can be verified to see if they are correct?

I am not sure I understand the second option, sorry! But since it probably involves lengthy verification time, I would prefer option 1 with the additional check on new submitters.

Hope this is clear
Kind regards
We can do something like that. I'll add an email handler to the server so that any new contributor is hand reviewed (this also makes sense given they will need a new line in the credit table)

I'm also added a bunch of checks on submitting to the repository (checking merit and prime digits are correctly calculated, making sure more lines are added than deleted, making sure only one record per gap...) so the database should be even safer.

I'll post something here when I've finished the coding but expect this to go live in the next week!
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