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Hi Seth, just to make sure I fully understand this:

I agree with pushing the prime gaps to the repository, but maybe if a new person/collective starts adding prime gaps, a message goes out so those gaps can be verified to see if they are correct?

I am not sure I understand the second option, sorry! But since it probably involves lengthy verification time, I would prefer option 1 with the additional check on new submitters.

Hope this is clear
Kind regards

Originally Posted by SethTro View Post
@robert44444uk @MJansen

Graham gave me the power to commit records to the official GitHub repository (i have currently been submitting them to my personal copy), I asked a week ago about frequency of submitting records and hey said I should hash it out with Rob.

I proposals the primegaps website should start pushes batches of records directly to the repository with no review (AKA trust me and my code)
  • I'm a reasonable person
  • Code is open source and simple to verify.
  • Even if something went wrong there's a nice audit trail of what went wrong

An alternative would be that the primegaps website creates Pull Requests (like this one) and I/Rob/Graham hand review them before they are made official. This adds human eye in the process to make sure nothing looks weird, but I feel it's going to be overly burdensome and substantially slow down the time for reporting till they are part of the official record (we can imagine fully automating reporting form in the future if we go with proposal 1)

What I'm asking for.
1. A yes or no if both of you are okay if I start submitting records I hand review to the repository
2. A yes or no if both of you are okay with me changing the website to automatically submit records after verification.
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