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Wow, looks like I have some k's not updated in years. Here's a full update:
k=13 4.4M active on 2 cores
k=45 3.65M active on 2 cores
k=93 2.63M active on 1 core
k=99 2.6M reserved
k=109 4M reserved
k=127 7.1M active on 2 cores
k=167 3.15M active on 1 core
k=197 3.02M reserved EDIT: Unreserved, reserved by kuratkull
k=201 3.2M active on 2 cores
k=229 2M active on 2 cores (just started again, forgot this one)
k=231 2.35M active on 2 cores
k=249 unreserved

k's above 300 I still work on:
k=405 2M
k=443 3.49M
k=2115 1.56M
k=2145 1.56M
k=2175 1.56M

The folks with 213 and 31/221 reserved are former students of mine; I'll drop them each a note and ask for an update.

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