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[QUOTE=Prime95;508841]Prime95 version 29.6 build 1 is available.

From whatsnew.txt:

1)  Support added for AVX-512 FFTs.
2)  FMA3 FFTs now have slightly higher FFT crossover points.  Soft crossovers are
    no longer used by default.  See undoc.txt.
3)  Mprime now creates a pid file.
4)  Torture test dialog box options now based on cache sizes.  Options for performing
    a weaker torture test are available.  Torture tests that use all RAM are now more
    stressful.  In-place vs. not in-place memory accesses now displayed on screen.
5)  Add & subtract operations for AVX-512 FFTs are now multithreaded.  This should
    improve performance for P-1 and ECM when using multiple threads.
6)  Benchmark results are now written to results.bench.txt.
7)  JSON results are now available for all work performed.  JSON results are
    written to results.json.txt.
8)  Default memory available for prime95 changed from 8MB to 1/16th of RAM.
9)  PRP tests with Gerbicz error checking are more immune to hardware errors.
Note #3 does not appear in the Windows version, so numbering of the rest of the items differ by one. Maybe put OS-specific items at the end of the whatsnew lists. If they were identified separately you might get away with a single version of the file for multiple OSes.

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