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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
This is a simple statistical prediction for the next 3*2^n-1 prime based on historical evidence. It assumes no primes have been missed. The statistics do not take into account the "prime number theorem" Please criticize.
The NPLB project double-checked k=3 from n=100K-260K and checked it against the k<300 page a few months ago. No missing or incorrect primes were found. You're probably aware that Prof. Caldwell and some coharts had already double-checked all k<300 up to n=100K several years ago so now all k=3 for n<260K has been double-checked.

In checking that list vs. your list, I see a typo. Your prime at n=81330 should be n=80330, which would also affect 2 of your ratios. Other then that, your list should be absolutely correct up to n=260K.

NPLB plans to double-check all k=3-1001 up to n=260K by late 2009. So far, we have completed all k=3-25 and 401-417.

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