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Default Riesel/Sierp base 2 even-k/even-n/odd-n testing

Originally Posted by Jean Penné View Post

About the second question, when the base is a power of two, there may be MOB k values which are also power of two, and then the candidates are not only Generalized Fermat Numbers, but very Fermat Numbers, so, I think these k's should be excluded (It is conjectured that there are a finite number of Fermat primes, and most of the mathematicians believe that F4 = 65537 is the largest one...).
As I remarked in another thread, proving that F4 is the largest Fermat prime is equivalent to proving that 65536 is an even Sierpinski number...
But, if so, the covering set would be infinite, because it is well known that Fermat numbers are pairwise coprime...

(Edit note: MOB = multiples of base)

Robert, Citrix, Axn, Geoff, Masser, or other people with intimate knowledge of the math's behind the conjectures, here is what I would propose (if it has not been proposed already) that Jean agrees with:

In order to prove the Sierpinski conjecture for any base, all Generalized Fermat #'s as well as very Fermat #'s, i.e. any form that reduces to 2^n+1, should be excluded from those conjectures.

In a nutshell, here is what I'm working towards as determining the Riesel/Sierpinski conjecture proofs on the "Conjectures 'R Us" web pages:

1. All generalized Fermat #'s (18*18^n+1) and very Fermat #'s (65536*4^n+1 or 65536*16^n+1) will be excluded from the conjectures.

2. Any k that obtains a full covering set in any manner from ALGEBRAIC factors will be excluded. In many instances, this includes k's where there is a partial covering set of numeric factors (or a single numeric factor) and a partial covering set of algebraic factors that combine to make a full covering set.

3. All k below the lowest k found to have a NUMERIC covering set must have a prime including multiples of the base (MOB) but excluding the conditions in #1 and #2 above. I will add MOB and exclude GFn's in the near future on the pages. There are very few MOB if GFNs are excluded.

4. All n must be >= 1.

All input and opinions are welcome.

Citrix, if you think this is misplaced, feel free to move it around somewhere.


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