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Originally Posted by robert44444uk View Post
Very pretty - I would take the top of the CFC line and code as "Mersenne Prime Gap Search" (PGS) given the efforts of this group to get the search to 2^64 a couple of years back.

On a selfish note, I think any colour similar to Dana's (i.e. mine) need to be changed to accentuate. Maybe swap out some red yellows and green to allow current searchers to see their results more clearly.

Another selfish note - on another list - https://primegap-list-project.github...merit-over-10/ where I am noted as cooperating with Dana for the large gaps - in fact for all gaps over 650k I did this work with my own software and approach. The problem can be traced back to the simplicity of the Nicely site that largely listed the submitter, and not the approach.

My records come in four flavours - those less than 1500 were my finds under the PGS collaboration, those over 650k, which were mine alone, and those in between which were largely my running Dana's perl program but also contain quite a lot of records in the 1500 to 5000 range relating to CRT offsets, which was a novel approach I worked on.
These are all reasonable suggestions.

1. It's moderately hard to do this. Maybe a good balance would be to add a line with text "Mersenne Prime Gap Search Group" under that area.

2. You can toggle Dana's (or anyone's) records off by clicking on their label. I certainly agree that you don't want to be near Dana's color, but it's hard to select many different colors. You can also toggle the range with ?max=20,000 and hope the order rejiggers so that you get a different color.

3. This can be tracked to the credit line, the site uses the text from the final "display" column verbatum
INSERT INTO credits VALUES('RobSmith','Robert W. Smith','Coordinator, PGS. Some results contributed after 2014 employ Perl code written by Dana Jacobsen.','Robert W. Smith [Dana Jacobsen]');
4. One solution would be to split your contributions to multiple names and credit Dana for only the 1500- 5000 range records?

Sidenote: The code that runs this site is at, It's fairly easy to run locally and I'd happily accept pull requests.

$ git clone
$ cd prime-gap-record-server
$ git clone
$ sqlite3 prime-gap-list/gaps.db < prime-gap-list/allgaps.sql
$ python
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