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Default Changes being made for multiples of base and GFN's

News to report...

You may have noticed that I haven't updated the site in a couple of days. It's because I've been working to do the following:

1. Search and add k's that are multiples of the base (MOB) to the pages.

2. Remove k's that make Generalized Fermat #'s (GFn's).

3. Change the definitions of what is excluded at the top of the pages as well as in the project description.

4. Create a list of additional k's to search.

This has been quite a large undertaking because not only do I need to find additional k's that are remaining, I have to see if which one make a different prime than k / b and if so, see if the new prime makes the top-10 list for largest primes for each base. Part of #1 is done. All of the searches are done and I've now updated all of the Riesel pages for MOB (but not loaded them yet). I just now started working on the Sierpinski pages. They are more involved because unlike Riesel's, they have GFn's that need to be removed (with an appropriate explanation) that make a difference in whether the conjectures are proven or not.

I hope to be done in the next few hours but if not, I'll post only the updates for the Riesel side and save the Sierp side for Monday evening, which includes all of the primes and reservation changes in the last 2 days.


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