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Originally Posted by kar_bon View Post
i'm going to collect all primes of Riesel power of 2-bases on the data pages of
the first one is k=17135: i tested this k upto n=100k (17 primes) and marked n=78064 with a comment "Riesel base 16 prime: 17135^16^19516-1" (mouse cursor over red star).
see here:
more to come and an extra pages with all those primes too.
Very good!

I am in the process of putting a list together of k's for all bases and their associated lowest first primes for historical proof or near-proof of the conjectures.

When I'm complete, I'll post spreadsheets on my web pages of all of them with links to them in this forum. For Riesel bases that are a power of 2, that will give you plenty of extra info. for the Rieselprime site.

BTW, did you buy the domain name? It's a great name! I think we should make that the 'official online' Riesel primes site instead of A new person coming to prmie searching would know exactly what it is. Also, it allows you to update it instantly and you can have the much improved k < 300 page on it.

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