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Originally Posted by VBCurtis View Post
size-opt effort and root-opt effort should be unrelated in principle.
I haven't found a use yet for sopteffort, nor does the CADO default poly select params. However, ropteffort is invoked on every CADO default params file, and is usually rather high (10 as early as c130, from what I recall- I don't have the stock params handy).
playing with sopteffort = 1 may be fruitful, but I wouldn't relate it to ropteffort at all.
I have some as yet unposted data showing a value of 8M for P produces consistently higher scoring polynomials than P of 14M with all else equal. P=4M produces the lowest scores. We were just speculating on the interaction of P and sopteffort, that’s all. Testing will show the way!
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