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I've inserted many history data for all 300<k<400 in the Wiki. The overview table shows all current primes found and reservations with n-ranges done.

Included so far:
- all Top5000 primes with link to the ID of C. Caldwell's data
- all posts of "Individual-k reservations k=300-400 n=1M-3M"
- all posts of "Individual-k reservations k=300-400 n=600K-1M"
- posts with 300<k<400 "Report top-5000 primes for all k<=1001"
- some pages created for NPLB drives, but only with small data

Example k=333
- Using the multireservation it's easy to edit date/n-range: only one edit and all marked k-values are shown correctly in the detail page or table.
- A history link shows a post in this forum where the info is obtained.
- Find dates of Top5000 primes are always taken from there, not the posted.
- Links to drives or persons (if available) are shown.
- Notes contain special comments to any n-value.

Please do not delete any posts (like in 2008), because the links in the Wiki won't work anymore.

If anyone find an error in those Wiki pages please PM me, to avoid unnecessary posts in this forum.

- data for 400<k<1002 (will take much more time to compile)
- more threads of this forum for NPLB
- more pages/data of other team drives and small primes
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