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@VBCurtis Aah right, I see what you mean. I personally just try to optimize the time-spent-on-candidate with little regard for used CPU time/power - unless adding an extra core really gives no benefit (probably around 5-10% for me).

@Happy5214 And about Zig, yes it's a pretty neat language. This project is as much about learning/testing Zig as much as it is learning about the LLR test. But Zig hasn't let me down once during this project, and binding to C libraries was as easy as it can probably be. And I am glad to see that I managed to match/exceed(with cheating) the speed of LLR64. I am not one to throw away performance gains lightly, glad that Zig was able to handle that.

I am also pretty happy that GMP provides a function for the Jacobi symbols, so I didn't have to implement it myself.

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