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Ah, right. I should note that we actually have two VNC services running on your machines. One, from the "start VNC" thing - which is a "second desktop session" alongside the main console. The other one is built into Ubuntu, and gives direct access to the main console. That's the one I typically use, since I need console access to fiddle with servers that you've started from there. (Whenever you've looked at the screen to see me moving the mouse around, that's what I was using.)

The script I gave you is only set up to access the "start VNC" version. If you want it to access the "console" version, change port 5901 to 5900 where it's referred to in the script.

I'm sure we had some good reason at the time for needing the separate "start VNC" versions, but at this point I can't think of it.

If you're not sure which version you're using now, look in the script and see if there are references to "5900" or "5901". If it's 5900, you're using the console version, and you actually don't need to run the "start VNC" thing any more. If you see 5901, you're using the "start VNC" version.

Confused yet?

(P.S.: I'm going out of town myself tomorrow morning and will be back late on the 24th. I will not have access to email or the forums during this time.)
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