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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
We are linking GMP-ECM with the GWNUM library. All GWNUM code is freely available. GWNUM has a license restriction that if you use it to find Mersenne primes you must obey the GIMPS rules for sharing any prizes.

The question is by agreeing to let someone post an executable built with GWNUM in a GPL program, have I implicitly agreed that GWNUM is subject to the GPL license?
#include <IANAL.h>

Yes, if that code is GPL licensed. No if it is LGPL licensed.

I've had a run in with the GMP developers in the past with a curious situation where I've been willing and able to release full source code but unable to provide anyone with a binary as a courtesy to relieve them of the necessity to perform the build themselves. Part of the program was BSD licensed by a third party and so I was unable to make the complete program available under the GPL. Re-distributing BSD source is permissible and I was willing to make my contributions available without restriction.



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